The musical genres that have been adopted by me on this Roland-keyboard, which I bought just across the street from my housing-address, are as follows: Rock'N'Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Beat, Ballads, Schlager, Latino, Chansons, Liedjes and lately also some Slovenian Pop and Serbian Turbo-folk. Charles Dickens is also a source of inspiration for me. I'm reading "The Old Curiosity Shop" now after having read "The Pickwick Papers", "David Copperfield", "Little Dorrit" and "A Tale Of Two Cities". And records? Too many to mention now, because the biography is already long enough as it is.

For the purpose of some rhythmical accompaniment I play the pre-recorded drums as saved on and downloaded from diskette. As far as the melodies are concerned I am equally regularly being influenced by classical music from the likes of Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Mahler and Sibelius, especially in the performances with Herbert Von Karajan as the orchestra's conductor and in that respect the BBC-documentary "Ghosts Of The Past - The Making Of The Liverpool Oratorio" has naturally been for me very educative. I hope to write an Opera before I'm forty.