In October 1996 I achieved my very nervous stage-debut during the Singer-Songwriter-Festival in Rotterdam's Rotown, where I got into the Finals to my big surprise. I was scared, believe me. But fortunately everything went well. Even better than it would be at some later occasions. Ya-win-some-loose-some! Then I played in Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, Breda, Tilburg, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin, Hannover, London, Liverpool, Salisbury, Ljubljana, Postojna, Roma, Trieste, Zagreb......and in the end there was Paris. All of that in the course of the last five years, of course. But in those years I met, got acquainted and learned to know much more people than I had done during all the previous years of my existence. That can be difficult; we cannot underestimate this. Nevertheless, I hope that I can entertain as many people as possible as much as possible. There's nothing else left to do......

Well, well, well! Anyway, I hope you will like my music enough in order to download it to your desktop for listening pleasure. All I can do is to guarantee that I am a hard worker who's always working on a new song. I try to improve myself on every front at all times. In this thing called Showbusiness one can never be too young or too old to learn new things and to develop new technics and tactics again and again and again. Don't forget that! The learning-process never ceases to amaze; it is time and time again a step to something again higher than before. Maybe it will even deliver some money into my wallet. Who knows? But I have quite a considerable number of fans, if I may use the liberty of pronouncing this supposition all by myself. I hope to have impressed you sufficiently with all that was revealed by me until now. What furthermore is left still for me to announce from in here to all of you out there behind the computer reads as follows: "Judge For Yourselves!"

Sincerely Yours,