Watch The Sky-Fun Reels and Angelica Kneels and yes that is Harry's sweet mother!

Music video by Sina Khani http://www.sinakhani.com & Fan Liao http://www.snig.nl

Music by Harry Merry, Tamara Woestenburg, Joop van Dongeren, Martin Ruiten and Bruno Ferro Xaviera Da Silva.

(c) 2014 Harry Merry
LYRICS by Harry Merry


We get impassioned speech
On behalf of what's in reach;
Ideals to beseech.
Subjects must be discussed
In civil terms to be sussed.
Bemoaning is passed.
Political candidates unloaded
Illegitimate explanations goaded
By condemnation 
Of exaggeration.

Stiff upper-lip
Displays loose grip
On science-tip.
Is that hip?
Like Barbie feels
The sky-fun reels and Angelica kneels.
If the world's getting tough
We must love ourselves enough
To be ourselves and laugh;
Must teach our children the same
Without such shame.

Hours' rectification
In make-up application
Yields indication
Of dramatic fashion;
Fairy-like outfits' passion;
Extreme profession.
Unconventional styles enlarge their eyes.
For harmony-perfection they pay their price
With plastic surgery.
But that's not perjury!

It's mysogynistic 
To slight creative mystic;
Much too simplistic.
The most important thing
Is the comfort that they bring.
Happy, blossoming
Self-fulfilment living infectious tale.
Why pay attention if those reactions fail?
Dolls human, bless you!
Let's eat honey-dew!