Orama A-Delic Palooza O-Matic
Orama A-Delic Palooza O-Matic. That is the name of new album, a rock opera about a group of latinas travelling across Europe.

You can listen to and order Orama A-Delic Palooza O-Matic on Bandcamp.

1. Sometimes We're Quite Obsessed
2. This Cosy Stena Line
3. Refracred in Sculptured Acrylic
4. The Repository of Their Confessions
5. The Sky-Fun Reels and Angelica Kneels
6. Latina Picknick
7. Superhuman Struggle
8. Erleen Creates Beauty
9. Ours Clothes Was Stolen
10. Shelterbelt Evolution
11. We Render Exaggeration Patient